if white people be like “white people be like” but i’m white and i be like white people be like “white people be like” then who’s driving the car

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my anaconda dont want none unless you got funds hun

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Reading texts half asleep is like looking into the sun.

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  • baby: m....m...m
  • mom: mama? ma? mommy?
  • baby: m...m...
  • baby: m..mY ANACONDA DONT
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a message a day keeps the blogger ok

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What’s your definition of art?

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If I introduce a movie to you, and we watch it together, I’ll be spending at least 99.9% of the time watching you to make sure you are responding correctly to the film.

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Homeless children living in an underground passage under the Pouchkine Square. Moscow, 1992.
© Lise Sarfati